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Arts and Science Division

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Ph.D.                Philosophy, 1990.  Emphasis in Political/Social Philosophy

                                    Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


MS                   Philosophy of Education, 1990.

                                    Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


BA                   Philosophy, 1982. summa cum laude

                                    Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois                

GPA: 3.85/4.0; Class Rank:  14/519


BRE                 Biblical Studies, 1981. summa cum laude

(Honors)          Briercrest College, Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada

                                    GPA 4.0/4.0


BRE                 Biblical Studies, 1980. summa cum laude

                                    Briercrest College, Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada

                                    GPA 4.0/4.0; Class Rank: 1/192





Political Philosophy, particularly early-modern and modern

Social Philosophy, particularly eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries

            Intellectual History of Post-Revolutionary American Religion





History of Philosophy

Intellectual History

Interdisciplinary Studies, particularly within the Humanities and Social Sciences

            Social Sciences, particularly sociology





Intellectual history of social/political philosophies, theology, and religion

The relation of social/political philosophy to ecclesiastic practice and theory

Liberal arts education





My most recent paper on evangelical political theory in the early American republic is under editorial review. It explores the contribution made by American evangelicals to theories of public life in the period after 1800.


I am currently working on a project on the intellectual history of the liberals arts, particularly its relation to the practices of classic Greek philosophy.


My research is supported by an electronic database consisting of some 8900 primary and secondary scholarly quotations. Currently, this database is organized under some 4300 key words.





“The Business of Government is Already Anticipated:” Evangelical Political Theory in the Early American Republic” (under review)


“The Uniform Operations of Grace: Nature, Mind, and Gospel in Early Nineteenth-Century Evangelicalism,” Fides et Historia 38:1 (Spring 2006): 137-50.


“Antebellum Evangelicalism and the Diffusion of Providential Functionalism,” Christian Scholar’s Review 32:2 (Winter 2003): 177-201.


“The Moral Economy of Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Activism,” Christian Scholar’s Review 30:1 (Fall 2000): 37-56.


“Engineering Education as Schooling: Curricula, Data, and the Emergence of a Profession,” Proceedings of the World Conference on Engineering Education, Minneapolis, October 15-20, 1995.


“Review of James Penning and Corwin Smidt, Evangelicalism: The Next Generation. Ashland Theological Review 36 (2004): 188-89.


“Review of Robert Webber, The Younger Evangelicals: Facing the Challenges of the New World,” Ashland Theological Review 36 (2004): 177-79.


“Review of Stephen Webb, Taking Religion to School: Christian Theology and Secular Education,” Ashland Theological Review 34 (2002): 175-76.





“The Uniform Operations of Grace: Nature, Mind, and Gospel in Early Nineteenth Century Evangelicalism.” Presented to the Briercrest College and Seminary Colloquium, Caronport, Saskatchewan, May 29, 2004.


“The Uniform Operations of Grace: Nature, Mind, and Gospel in Early Nineteenth Century Evangelicalism.” Presented to the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, May 29, 2004.


“The Moral Economy of Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Activism.” Presented to the Annual Congress of the Canadian Philosophical Association, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 24-27, 2000.


“A (Brief) Intellectual History of Programmatic Ministry,” Public Seminar, Briercrest Bible College, Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada, April 1998.


“Up (Willow) Creek Without a Paddle: An Analysis of Programmatic Church Ministry,” Briercrest College Faculty Colloquium, Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada, March 1996.


“Engineering Education as Schooling: Curricula, Data and the Emergence of a Profession,” World Conference on Engineering Education, Minneapolis, October 15-20, 1995.


“An Intellectual History of the New Age Movement,” Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York, Summer 1993.  [Invited Lectureship]





Society of Christian Philosophers


Canadian Evangelical Theological Association





Professor of Philosophy and Humanities

Briercrest College

August 2006–present



Arts and Science Division

Briercrest College

August 2004-present


Associate Professor of Philosophy

Briercrest College

January 1997–July 2006



Division of General Education

Briercrest College

September 1996–May 2002


Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Division of General Education

Briercrest College

August 1995–December 1996


Postdoctoral Fellow

State University of New York at Buffalo

September 1994–July 1995


Briercrest Seminary (ATS accredited)

Caronport, SK, Canada

Permanent Adjunct Faculty

September 1994–Present


Briercrest Seminary

Visiting Adjunct Faculty

July 1991–September 1994





            C & E Jost Faculty Service Award, 2008

All-University Fellow of Syracuse University, 1984–1986

            Scored at the 96th percentile on the GRE Advanced Test in Philosophy, 1982

National Dean’s List, USA, Inducted 1981

            Leading Scorer, Wheaton College Hockey Team, 1981–82

Semi-Finalist, Canadian Collegiate Hockey Championships, 1980

            Honor Society of the AABC, Inducted 1980

            Saskatchewan Government General Proficiency Award, 1977

            Nominee for Governor General’s Award, 1977

            Senior Proficiency Award, Caronport High School, 1977

            Leading Scorer, Provincial Champion High School Football Team, Fall 1976 

Three-Time Valedictorian




The Christian Liberal Arts: My Educational Philosophy


Christian liberal arts education is first of all Christian; it acknowledges and demonstrates the governance of Christian belief over all aspects of life. It refuses to accept a dichotomy between Christian belief and what can be known about the world. Contrary to a popular notion, Christian liberal arts education cannot simply approach its educational task as a matter of “integrating” faith and reason since both faith and reason have been continuously shaped by each other and their surrounding intellectual culture throughout their histories. Part of the task of the Christian liberal arts is therefore to elucidate the features and scope of their prior integration and mutual influence. Neither Christian nor so-called secular thought encounters the other as wholly independent, related only on the occasion of their “integration”.


Christian liberal arts education acknowledges the importance of indirection in the development of the mind and Christian character. Preparation for life and vocation is best accomplished when little or no attention is paid to pragmatic serviceability. Christian liberal arts education countenances issues, ideals, and ideas which are not currently in vogue and which appear on first blush to be devoid of immediate application. It asserts that the best preparation for an unpredictable future with its inscrutable categories of usefulness is to concentrate on what has best served thoughtful people heretofore.


Christian liberal arts education is therefore not obsessively focused on bankable vocational skills and the pursuit of the first job. It recognizes that the competencies and character necessary for Christian service, living well, and long-term professional success cannot be identified with what is typically demanded in entry-level positions. Although what is learned in liberal arts settings is not antithetical to vocational success (quite the contrary), a curricular preoccupation with technical or professional training blinds the learner to those non-technical aspects, character traits, and thinking processes which animate excellent practitioners in every field.


Christian liberal arts education acknowledges that the best things in life can only be fully enjoyed if the learner has been suitably initiated. It is the general testimony of those educated in the liberal arts that tutored encounters with the best of western and non-western culture are sources of sustained delight. Aristotle was right: some things are worthy of contemplation in themselves. Liberal arts education seeks to introduce students to these permanent delights.


Christian liberal arts education insists that interaction between senior learners (faculty), junior learners (students), and texts (broadly conceived) is central to the development of persons. Since these interactions are educative only when they also occur outside of formal settings and curricula, specific places are required where they can be nurtured. Hence, a residential experience is critical since it enables and ensures that learners converse with each other and with things, ideas, and objects of enduring value.



            Course:                                                                       Number of Times Taught:

                                                                                                (As of December 2009)


Introduction to Philosophy I                                                     12

Introduction to Philosophy II                                                     11

Philosophy of Religion                                                             4

Social and Political Philosophy                                                6

Readings in Conservative Political Philosophy                        1

Philosophy of Education                                                          4

Introduction to Sociology I                                                       9

Introduction to Sociology II                                                      8

Readings in Sociology of Religion                                           1

Introduction to Christian World View                                      4

Advanced Studies in Christian World Views                          22

Introduction to Psychology I                                                    8

Introduction to Psychology II                                                   9

Readings in Continental Theology                                           1

Humanities Senior Seminar                                                     2

Nietzsche Seminar                                                                  1

Internship Supervisions                                                          17





            Administrative Theory and Design

            Seminar on the Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg

            Educational Ministry of the Church

            Evangelical Ministry Methods: Concepts and Practices





Arts and Science Division Chair, August 1, 2004—Present


English Proficiency Exam Co-ordinator, August 1, 2004—Present


Arts and Science Humanities Program Co-ordinator, August 1, 2004—Present


Chair, Systematic Program Review of MA: Christian Ministries—Marriage and Family Counselling, 2007-2008


Chair, English Literature Search Committee, Fall 2007


Member, Athletic Awards Committee, 2007-2008


Chair, Format Guide Revisions Committee, Spring 2008-Present


Portfolio Coordinator, 2007-Present


Member, Music Search Committee, 2008-2009


Member, Psychology Search Committee, 2008-2009

Portfolio Information Sessions, Fall 2008, Winter 2009





Mark Noll, Ph.D, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History

Department of History

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Wes Olmstead,Ph.D., Academic Dean

Associate Professor of New Testament

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